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Nomis – Theory of Self

Just days before the release of his 5th full length album, Nomis gives us one more single before the release of, Rhodes to Rome on June 26th. “Theory of Self” is an inside look into the history of Nomis, and how the lens he views life through along with his artistic direction has evolved over time.


Nomis – Heart Headed

In this age, it can be tremendously difficult to respond to situations with compassion. Nomis and Sintax the Terrific drop some heavy knowledge on this new single, “Heart Headed“.

Nomis – Prevail

Prevail” begins with the clicking of sticks together followed by a single chord piano strike. Once the rapping begins, the minimalistic sticks and piano strikes are forced to make room for the early 70’s esque drum break that is both busy and dirty. After a melodic female vocal that controls the chorus, the music begins to change as Propaganda begins to speak.

NomiS – Evolve

As the countdown to the release of the Socially Just album continues, Nomis(@NomisHipHop) unexpectedly hits us with a brand new non album exclusive as a free download with “Evolve“.

NomiS – fLAW

In “fLAW“, Nomis(@NomisHipHop) presents an honest, yet fair-minded perspective, with the hope of continuing a healthy dialog, spreading awareness, and asking the right questions.

NomiS – World Cup (Drink of It)


NomiS(@NomisHipHop) is back again with yet another installment weighing heavily on the concept of social injustice. With a Latin American backdrop produced by both NomiS and DJ Rek, listen as NomiS tackles the harsh realities of what goes on around one of the top 2 largest sporting events in the world.

NomiS – Peace

This is a brand new song by NomiS(@NomisHipHop) entitled, “Peace” performed live. One take start to finish. Piano by Ryan LaCoste.

NomiS – Building


NomiS(@NomisHipHop) releases a brand new song just weeks into the new year. “Building” was created as an attempt to bring balance to this current age of trap music which floods the blogs and airwaves.

NomiS – Somewhere In America


In the height of Jay-Z’s, “Million sold before the release date” album “Magna Carta… Holy Grail”, NomiS(@NomisHipHop) takes Jay’s album cut “SomewhereInAmerica” and puts his own unique spin on the concept.

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