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D2G – Duppy Ova East

After his numerous warnings to the rap community go unheeded, D2G links up with fellow Chicago lyricist, Castro, to let the verbal chopper sing. Emcees take note.


D2G – Navy Pier

Fresh from his recent “Psych Ward Flow” freestyle, Reflective Music artist D2G takes the mellow approach with his latest. Paying tribute to the city’s most notable ferris wheel, with narrative from fellow Petty Gang Chicago member and Blok Club DJ’s own DJ EL.

Pennjamin Bannekar – 1/11

After a 2017 that saw Pennjamin Bannekar secure placements with upcoming YouTube Red TV Shows and writing Dhniera Blu’s solo debut, Pennjamin Bannekar opens up 2018 with the release of his 1/11 EP for listeners everywhere! The 8 song EP features the lead single, “Alter Prayer” and features appearances by Dhniera Blu, D2G and longtime collaborator J. Hill. The EP features production from KiingR, BobbyMadeTheBeat, Canis Major, Kenneth English and more! 1/11 is available on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal and all other major music streaming services!

D2G – All Lives Matter

In an age where racial tensions are at an all time high, the undeniable demographic of victims fall heavily on the African American race. Ranging from 400 years of slavery, lynchings and beatings from the civil rights movement, down to the many acquitted cases of police brutality. It seems as if the term #BLACKLIVESMATTER would prove to be quite relevant, or irrelevant depending upon one’s outlook.

Well, enter D2G(@2gmakeamove). Giving his take on this subject, alongside fellow Reflective Music artist Katrina Valene he offers this message: “ALL LIVES MATTER” . Give a listen before you give your judgment.

D2G – Short Summers Long Winters [Review]


It is infrequent to find an emcee who is radiant in artistry where his or her showmanship rules, commanding the stage as the crowd inhales every inch of lyrics to his or her credible storytelling. Recherché is when hip-hop did not give a f**k about winning an award nor the number of followers, likes, and hits a song had all for ‘whore’s attention.’ It is this Midwest rising star that makes anyone still believe hip-hop as a genre and cultural force can still change the world. D2G(@2GMAKEAMOVE), a product of the forefathers of golden era hip-hop, flexes his mastery with a conceptual compendium. The composition Short Summers Long Winters (SSLW) is 360 in circumference where his whiz shines by splitting the album’s diameter into two metaphoric representations sharing one common perspective: Chicago.

D2G is beast for a unique and stylish attention grabbing album title that exactly illustrates Chicago’s off-balanced weather patterns and undistinguishable seasons. Short summers is metaphoric for the beauty of the city-known for its enamored architecture, die-hard sports fanatics, cultural diversity, entertainment scene, to having some of the best cooking (“Chi-City Summers”). Long winters is allegorically differingin detailing the disheartening inner city blues that plague the city regarding the shady politics, segregation, nefarious violence, to having thesurvival of the fittest mentality (“Winter’s Brew,” “A Call To Summer”).

SSLW sonically captures the very melting pot of the Chicago soundscape influences: blues, R&B, soul, jazz, neo-soul, flamboyant poetics, hip-hop with a stream of consciousness, to versatility in delivery. D2G snaps and spits fire in tongue Twista form on “Long Days”, provingthe city of Chicago has the best in talent in spite of Chicago being notorious for its violence (positive over negative). The trading of verses between D2G and A.P. Remedyare like two massive colliding warm and cold fronts that musically produce the most dangerous weather on record.  D2G’s talent cleverly irradiates in the anthem “90s Flow”, a single that not only pays homage to the sacredness of hip-hop tradition but to the icons and legends that paved the way for artists like him.

While both “Long Days” and “90s Flow” have the long winters theme; hence song titles, cadence, and delivery of songs viewed as crystalline, hypothermic, frigid, and unending, D2G seamlessly balances the album with the short summer equilibria. “Hydroplanin’” is 2015’s summer jam that makes the emcee the life of the party. The textured crooning of soulful Isaiah Jones gives ears a steering of youthful sun-drenched tinge. “Reflections” is a song whose melody is often a reminder of the sound of damp summer rain pouring against the window pane that belongs to housing project. D2G brings out his inner ghetto child, soul-searching and questioning his existence.

It becomes Purge: Anarchy when two of the illest Chicago rhymeslayers come together on “Never Left”. D2G and AbstrakMind lyrically manslaughter rap opponents and anyone secretly despising their existence into butchered bits of cheap vinyl.

D2G, the resemblance of LL Cool J and Joe Budden in tone and delivery, passionately and cunningly illustrates the portrait of Chicago city life with fragrant lush. Short Summers Long Wintersis cooler by the lake with raps of class.

-Hector De La Rosa

D2G – Short Summers Long Winters

D2G(@2gmakeamove) has blessed the summer with another banger. Short Summers Long Winters is the perfect summer follow-up to July 9th: A Cancer Story. SSLW is the second full length album from 2G on Reflective Music, and is a definite groove, there’s no doubt about it. The feature heavy album is rooted in heavy rhymes and beats that make you want to two-step. Guests include fellow Reflective family Ashley Laschelle and Breezy City, Abstrak Mind, LaRoyce Hawkins and more.

D2G – Hyrdoplainin

Just four days shy of his long awaited SHORT SUMMERS, LONG WINTERS release, D2G(@2gmakeamove) has decided to drop an appetizer while you wait. “HYDROPLAININ” serves as his summer single that features Reflective Music’s own Ashley Laschelle and Isaiah Jones. This banger was crafted by none other than D.C. and D2G himself.

D2G – The Quest

Fresh from his ep, The Seasonal Prequel and the “7UP AND Hennessey” freestyle, D2G(@2GMAKEAMOVE) has finally decided to drop “The Quest” as his unofficial single from his upcoming album, Short Summers, Long Winters.

D2G – 7up and Hennessy

D2G(@2gmakeamove), decided to get some things off his chest in some “7up and Hennessey“.


2G(@2gmakeamove) recruits JDP for his rendition of OutKast’s classic “SOUTHERNPLAYALISTICCADDILIACMUSIK“. The collaboration serves as a teaser to get the people ready for D2G’s sophomore album entitled SHORT SUMMERS, LONG WINTERS.

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