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C. Shreve the Professor – Downhill

C.Shreve the Professor just released a new video from his Daddy Love To Rap album for the song “Downhill”. Shreve said that he and QWYK came up with the idea to challenge themselves to shoot, edit, and release a video all within 24 hours. While they took a little longer than originally planned to complete the final edit for “Downhill”, the end result is something rawly original and completely different from any of the other videos that FTO has previously released.


C. Shreve the Professor – Daddy Love To Rap

C.Shreve the Professor has returned with another brand new release for your eyes and ears. Intent to finish 2017 with a bang, Shreve brings us his follow up to the Mommy Love To Dance EP with the appropriately titled full length project Daddy Love To Rap, complete with a shiny new music video to lead the way.

C. Shreve the Professor – Visual Freestyle

C.Shreve presents an acapella piece with visual animations brought alive by Danny Digital. The combination of lyricism and visual demonstration are definitely a welcomed new direction from Shreve.

C. Shreve the Professor – Twenty Sixteens

Shreve‘s(@seeshreve) first new project since 2014’s Summer Ransom finds him exploring new territory both sonically and lyrically. A boom bap fueled journey into the 2016 mind space of one of North Carolina’s most distinct voices through the rough construct of twenty verses.

TrapBo’ Chad – Message In A Bottle

Free The Optimus presents the new collaboration featuring the lyricism of Trapbo’ Chad(@trapbo_chad) and C.Shreve the Professor on a FutureBeats soundscape.

C.Shreve the Professor – IDon’tEvenSleep

IDon’tEvenSleep” is a song reflecting both the long nights required to make it as an artist, and the fact that even when you come in to your own you’ll still be slept on.

C. Shreve the Professor – Greatness On My Mind

Greatness On My Mind” finds North Carolina artist C.Shreve the Professor(@seeshreve) aspiring for greatness and urging his listeners to do the same. Riding production by 16 year old Japanese producer FutureBeats and under the watchful eye of Andrew Anderson, Shreve gives us the first taste of his Twenty Sixteens solo project that will release next year.

Pragmaddix – One of These Days

Pragmaddix(@Pragmaddix) features C.Shreve the Professor on “One Of These Days“.

C. Shreve the Professor – Legendary

The song is really just two MCs, C. Shreve(@seeshreve) and Jrusalam, dropping bars with “Legendary” aspirations in mind.  Lots of smacking around sucka MCs as usual.

C. Shreve – Crews’ Corpses

The latest visual from Summer Ransom is the music video for “Crews’ Corpses“. With features from FTO members Mike L!VE and DJ Jet along with some of their closest allies, Raleigh MC Jrusalam, and Asheville natives Double A and Whokairs?

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