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Audrey Valentine – Never Let You Go

Audrey Valentine newest single, “Never Let You Go” features D. Lylez and was produced by Epidemic. Shout out to Ms. Valentine and her pen game on this one!


Bernard Jabs – Lethal

The Trifton, Georgia artist Bernard Jabs(@bernardjabs) is back with his best song yet, “Lethal“. This song and previous track, “What’s Up”, follows from his latest EP Full Clip.

Jared Xavier – No Favors

Jared Xavier’s “No Favors” took a different direction just focusing on the vibe with this one. Jared continues to strictly focus on building a core fan base by releasing music videos and monthly singles for his fans to enjoy.​

The Mighty Capeech – Let Em Know

The Mighty Capeech(@Themightycap) hits with a new blaxploitation like track “Let’em Know”. Just like a movie he sets the scenes and directs listeners over sweet strings & drums that snatch your ears.

Goose – Step By Step

Goose‘s(@gooseohio) latest single, “Step By Step” features Saba and Ano Ba (formerly MPYRE). On the final verse of the track, Goose goes for broke on “Step By Step,” following an inspired performance from Saba (whose voice is also sampled on the catchy hook) and Ano Ba’s melodic and rapid flow.

DruggofChoice – Love, Drugs

DruggofChoice(@DruggOfChoice), often referred to as Drugs, delivers a solo “letter” to his haters in ‘Love, Drugs“. Produced by Denmark’s on Paplo, we catch an eccentric vibe from yet another catchy tune by Canada’s own. Its great to hear some consistency from 23 year old rapper/model. I think we are beginning to hear a unique sound from DruggofChoice as he has recently promised his new project and anticipated visuals to come with it.

CJ Warren – Throw It Back

With the first peek into the Delray Conversations EP, 23 year old artist and producer CJ Warren(@cjwarren313) puts his versatility into play. Produced by Dr. Delray and CJ the two artists combine styles to create a new age party favor.

Nomis – Prevail

Prevail” begins with the clicking of sticks together followed by a single chord piano strike. Once the rapping begins, the minimalistic sticks and piano strikes are forced to make room for the early 70’s esque drum break that is both busy and dirty. After a melodic female vocal that controls the chorus, the music begins to change as Propaganda begins to speak.

Ye Ali – Oceans

The latest single from Ye Ali‘s(@Ye_Ali) forthcoming TrapHouseJodeci project (8/25) features moonlit R&B production from Bizness Boi and Cardiak. “Oceans” starts off with a still ripple, quickly amplified by driven progressed percussion. Towards the end, extra synths are added to transform the mood from a midnight vibe to a 3AM rendezvous.

Sareem Poems X Ozay Moore – Soap Opera

New remix from Sareem Poems (founding member of L.A. Symphony) and Ozay Moore (formerly known as Othello and member of Lightheaded) with production by Soulseize and cuts by DJ PA.

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