Skipp Whitman – El Aye

Massachusetts-bred, LA-based emcee/producer Skipp Whitman presents the self-produced and Sebastian Ruiz-directed music video for “El Aye“, featuring Emmitt James and starring Melissa Vento. “El Aye” appears on his forthcoming full-length Unfinished Songs Vol 1 (SWUFSV#1), a collection of original freestyles and unfinished or incomplete songs and/or ideas.


Rewind – I Just Came For The Mildsauce

The Lyrical Engineer Rewind takes a step from songwriting for others and returns to the stage front with I Just Came For The Mildsauce. The 11 track project has a star studded supporting cast from GLC, The Boy Illinois, Z Money, Real T@lk, Quez, Nyanga and Phenom. Special guest appearances from PHLI clothing line creator Dave Jeff, and actor/comedian LaRoyce Hawkins from NBC’s Chicago PD. The project is also scored with production from Saba, C-Sick, Na$im Williams, DJ L, and long time collaborators DJay Cas & Justin Famous.

King Kade – Another One

King Kade, from Boston, MA, has dropped his new single “Another One” on ILLwriteR. The song is produced by Mike Hector and the cover art was made by Saint Visuals.

Young Mill$ – Percocet Trippin


Brooklyn’s own and BroTHaHooDEnt. Representative Young MiLL$ also known as MDotDaDocta gives us his version of Set Trippin from the Trappers side.

2K! – ILLwriteR Interview


Cincinnati, Ohio-bred, Austin-based rapper and songwriter 2K! took a few minutest to sit down with ILLwriteR and give us a few insights.

  • Describe the typical 2K! fan.

Any 2K! fan has had a strong struggle in life that’s led them to Hip-Hop in some way shape or fashion. They look for an escape from the problems they’re currently facing and share the same vision of being great and becoming successful.

  • What do you think the old school can learn from the new school and vice versa?

I feel the old school can learn from the new school to stop taking Hip-Hop so seriously. If they pay close enough attention then they can realize the problems with the “New Wave” that have raised in Hip-Hop are due to the decisions they made. On the other hand the new school could learn to take music a bit more seriously. I don’t consider myself in either class, but all in all both just need to learn to listen.

  • What’s Cincinnati like, both as a city and a hip-hop scene?

Growing up in Cincinnati was a journey in itself. There were times you didn’t know where your next meal was coming from, or a stray drive by bullet. Everyday there was something new. As far as the Hip-Hop scene it could range from new wave to lyrical gangsta rap. I’ve gotten a few fam that’s added to that scene other than myself, but the flavor of Cincinnati’s Hip-Hop scene lies in the renaissance I feel I’m commencing in Hip-Hop alone.

  • What’s your favorite verse in hip-hop history and why?

One of my top verses is from the song Control by Big Sean Ft. Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica. I admired the intensity of Kendrick’s verse, and not just because of him calling out all major rappers in the game. But more of the meaning behind it. It was almost as if Kendrick was being Knighted into the game from that verse. Regardless of the outcome of that song Kendrick would’ve still gotten the same response. Regardless of how the rappers responded Kendrick would’ve still had control.

  • Your new single is about freedom from money. How do you propose to attain that?

I consider my single to be more about freedom from anything that is not yourself. Recognizing that you hold the keys to your own destiny. There’s no true proposal I can make that’ll say I’ll always act in character but the action is held in to be or not to be/ to do or not to do. The only thing I can say will help me attain that is being myself.

3TB – ILLwriteR Interview


Troy and Saps are the members that consist of 3 Times Better, and their previous projects include Rose to the Riche$ and The Throwaways. They have collaborated with AD to create mixtapes and opened shows for Ty Dolla Sign and Mase.  Recently, we at ILLwriteR were able to catch up with the rap duo to get a few questions answered

  • What advice do you have for upcoming rappers?

Don’t expect for everything to happen at once. Be consistent and don’t let the negativity stop you. Work with the right people. That one is easier said than done though, so make sure you do your research on everyone you do business with. Most importantly, treat your music like a business. Take your craft serious, be different, and continue to learn!

  • Do you freestyle and battle rap? What’s your opinion on them?

That’s funny because our group started after a drunk night freestyling with friends. So we like to freestyle but we usually do it after being buzzed. We have a song we dropped called “The Battle” where we go back and forth in an actual rap battle. Something we never heard or done before, but we do enjoy battle rapping.

  • What would be your dream team collaboration and why?

If it was a slow RnB song we would have to go with Miguel. A pop/hiphop song would have to be Mac Miller.

  • Why did you name your EP The Throwaways?

“The Throwaways” consists of unreleased music from previous projects. The music comes from projects “Rose to the Riches” and “Something for the Drive”.

  • What was it like opening up for Ty Dolla Sign?

Opening up for Ty was one of our first big shows so we were nervous but very prepared. Shout out our DJ @Thebighomiesteve because without him we wouldn’t have the unique stage presence that we do. Show was lit and had a great response to our single “Simple” ft AD.

Chuuwee – PassOver

Sacramento MC, Chuuwee releases yet another studio album in his highly acclaimed ‘Dystopia‘ series. As part 3 of 5, Chuuwee teams up with New Mexico’s Khalisol, who produced the entire album. The sac-town artist states “It started out as just a joint project. We’ve actually been working on it for 3 years but then I started doing Dystopia. By the time I came back to review and listen to what we had so far and thought, this would’ve been the perfect continuation from Sabbath – Released via Below System Records the album is titled PassOver being sequentially the next holiday after Sabbath, however in the storyline of the series, this is the breaking point.

JB – Breakfast in Paris

Riding the momentum of his new release, “The Best Kept Secret II – Lover’s EditionJB has followed up with another record. “Breakfast in Paris” has a strong commercial appeal and is a fan favorite. The record features Lawrence A. and Mally Evans.

Bernard Jabs – Youngsta (I Know)

Bernard Jabs returns from his Pigeons and Planes premiere, with his new track “Youngsta (I Know)“. This new track features production from Trey Keysor.

Spocean – LIMBO

Chattanooga based, Wrong Crowd member, Spocean releases new track titled “LIMBO” prod. @davnDaum

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