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Nomis – Prevail

Prevail” begins with the clicking of sticks together followed by a single chord piano strike. Once the rapping begins, the minimalistic sticks and piano strikes are forced to make room for the early 70’s esque drum break that is both busy and dirty. After a melodic female vocal that controls the chorus, the music begins to change as Propaganda begins to speak.

Eshon Burgundy – Dead Letter

Eshon Burgundy(@eshonburgundy)releases a video for the third single off his most recent album The Passover. The “Dead Letter” video was shot a week ago in LA after his 1st stop on his “The Passover Tour”. The video has a few highlights from the show included and also some reflective performance scenes.

Armond WakeUp – Snooze Button

Every Wednesday in the month of September, Armond WakeUp(@armondwakeup) will be releasing a video of a verse from the upcoming project Snooze Button 4. Leading off the series is “King Booker“.

Toney Blanco – The Future

New Haven, CT rapper/producer Toney Blanco(@toneyblanco_rm) releases the visuals for “The Future” off his recent mixtape The Donation. Beat produced by Jigz the Flyer and Serious Beats.

Notcho – I Can’t Take It

I Can’t Take It” is set to appear on Notcho‘s(@NotchoMusic) upcoming EP The Peril. The entire project is dedicated to the senseless violence and killings by both the police and Black on Black crime, as is illustrated in the visuals for “I Can’t Take It.”

Big Lo – Black Magic

Big Lo(@biglohiphop) releases the short musical motion picture for the joint “Black Magic” produced by Fan Ran, featuring cuts by Wax Atom and mastered by Foster Mastering.

YK – Best In Class

KiD SEAN and BASA of the YK Collective are back on the hip-hop scene with “Best In Class”, the lead single from their upcoming collaborative EP titled Outsane.

Zoolay – Break Bread

Break Bread” is ZOOLAY‘s(@Zoolay) first single from their newly released album UNDENIABLE. ZOOLAY teamed up with super-producer DIBIASE for the production on this release.

Ye Ali – Oceans

The latest single from Ye Ali‘s(@Ye_Ali) forthcoming TrapHouseJodeci project (8/25) features moonlit R&B production from Bizness Boi and Cardiak. “Oceans” starts off with a still ripple, quickly amplified by driven progressed percussion. Towards the end, extra synths are added to transform the mood from a midnight vibe to a 3AM rendezvous.

Sareem Poems X Ozay Moore – Soap Opera

New remix from Sareem Poems (founding member of L.A. Symphony) and Ozay Moore (formerly known as Othello and member of Lightheaded) with production by Soulseize and cuts by DJ PA.

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