3TB – ILLwriteR Interview


Troy and Saps are the members that consist of 3 Times Better, and their previous projects include Rose to the Riche$ and The Throwaways. They have collaborated with AD to create mixtapes and opened shows for Ty Dolla Sign and Mase.  Recently, we at ILLwriteR were able to catch up with the rap duo to get a few questions answered

  • What advice do you have for upcoming rappers?

Don’t expect for everything to happen at once. Be consistent and don’t let the negativity stop you. Work with the right people. That one is easier said than done though, so make sure you do your research on everyone you do business with. Most importantly, treat your music like a business. Take your craft serious, be different, and continue to learn!

  • Do you freestyle and battle rap? What’s your opinion on them?

That’s funny because our group started after a drunk night freestyling with friends. So we like to freestyle but we usually do it after being buzzed. We have a song we dropped called “The Battle” where we go back and forth in an actual rap battle. Something we never heard or done before, but we do enjoy battle rapping.

  • What would be your dream team collaboration and why?

If it was a slow RnB song we would have to go with Miguel. A pop/hiphop song would have to be Mac Miller.

  • Why did you name your EP The Throwaways?

“The Throwaways” consists of unreleased music from previous projects. The music comes from projects “Rose to the Riches” and “Something for the Drive”.

  • What was it like opening up for Ty Dolla Sign?

Opening up for Ty was one of our first big shows so we were nervous but very prepared. Shout out our DJ @Thebighomiesteve because without him we wouldn’t have the unique stage presence that we do. Show was lit and had a great response to our single “Simple” ft AD.


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