Dhniera Blu – Interview


Fresh off of dropping her iTunes R&B/Soul Top 200 chart breaking debut solo EP, Blu Sessions, ILLwriteR got a chance to catch up with Dhniera Blu aka DB for a quick impromptu interview.

  • Where did the inspiration to record this entire project come from?

Well, I was ready to tell my story and what I have been through in my personal relationships and music career-wise. I think a lot of people can relate to my stories that I tell musically being that love and heartbreak is universal. Pennjamin Bannekar and J. Hill were ready to help me tell my story so we got in the studio and got to work.

  • Why did you title the album Blu Sessions?

I named this album Blu Sessions because each session was a story of things I have gone through…so each recording session was a time to tell a new and different chapter of my story.

  • What do you want the public to walk away with after listening to the album?

The things I have encountered in life from good and bad relationships, and experiences being in this male dominated industry.  Although, I’m fine with being the only girl in a lot of settings, it would be nice to see more females doing their thing on the scene.

  • Where are you currently at in your life and in your musical career?

Currently, I am an independent artist, I’m a mom and I recently tried my hand at acting.  I was cast in Matthew Reed’s stage play “Living Under the Table” last May.  Acting in a play was a completely different experience than I’m used to but my first love is being in the studio singing and recording.

  • What inspired you to pursue a career in music?

Celine Dion was actually someone who inspired me to get into this industry I was 9 years old dancing and listening to her on B96… After that my Dad, the late Rev. Larry Servick, and my grandfather were my true number one fans in pushing me to get this music started and on its way and until this day that hasn’t changed. I see artist now and I see their work ethic and it has inspired me to make sure I put in the same if not more to get where they are now.

  • What is the ultimate goal for you as an artist with your music career?

My ultimate goal is just to get my music heard and if something else comes of that then that would be amazing, but right now just getting my music, my feelings and expressions heard that could possibly help my fans and supporters, making sure my songs are relatable, real and fun!

  • How are you unique from other artists? What makes you different from other upcoming Chicago artists?

I think my voice is very different and unique. One thing that makes me different from other Chicago artist is that I love all genres of music and would love to sing them all lol country for sure… I love alternative music and pop… I’m just not stuck in one mindset.

  • How does it feel to have your own solo project after featuring on many artists projects?

OMG! You have no idea how AMAZING this feels! For so long I was just featuring on other artists songs and staying in the background while I was getting me together and finally that opportunity came for me to express myself and do the things I wanted to do and not what someone else wanted me to do. I feel first and not second; nobody puts baby in the corner LOL.


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