Corey Gipson – Q&A Interview


I recently checked out Corey Gipson‘s(@AintThatCoreyG) latest project and was thoroughly impressed!  It was only right to reach out to him for a Q&A session along with paving the road for him to feature on one of my new songs.  Nevertheless, check out his Q&A below!

Q) Where did the inspiration to record this entire project come from?

A) Most of the inspiration came from creating two really dope ep’s with California producers,Wrathmatics and h e a d b a n d, the year before. I wanted to keep the music train moving and learning how to produce my own joints seemed to be the only option to consistently have beats in rotation. Really just experimentation studying vinyl and sounds coming from different era’s shaped the whole record.

Q) Why did you title the album States?

A) With all my records I like to give a snapshot of what my life is like in that particular moment. States reflects my observations of my own ‘States of Being’ or ‘States of mind’ over the past few years. From start to finish it takes you on a trip from depression to liberation, from dark to light.

Q) What do you want the public to walk away with after listening to the album?

A) It would be dope if everyone who listened could walk away a little less judgemental of themselves and the world around them. Life is this cluster fuck of these cycles of good and bad all smashed together and most the time I feel like we stress everything, myself included.

Q) How is this album different from your previous discopraphy?

A) Besides being self produced It seperates itself from my past EP’s just in comfortability. Im in a good place mentaly and feel like ive really stepped into my own sound.

Q) Where are you currently at in your life and in your musical career?

A) Im just stepping out. I live in a small part of southern South Carolina where the hiphop scene is slim to none so relocation is the only movement now. Have had a taste of the stage so my main objective musically is to get to these shows and to the people, dive farther into production and keep pushing as an independent artist.

Q) What inspired you to pursue a career in music?

A) I was just chasing a that feeling of fullfilment. After the skateshop I worked for shut down in 2010 I really didnt know what my direction was. Id always freestyled with friends and experimented recording a few songs after high school. Creating is always the most exciting to me so I invested in equipment and education in sound engineering and havent been able to stop since.

Q) What is the ultimate goal for you as an artist with your music career?
A) In the end Im just hear to learn about myself and my place in this world. I dont do expectations but the goal now is to create a prosperous way of life doing what I love.

Q) How are you unique from other artists? What makes you different from other upcoming South Carolina artists?

A) Im not a rapper. Im a human first. Always. I think these days we have a ton of artist trying to fit into the boxes the music indurty is playing in at any given time and you wont find that here. My end game isnt to just be well known but to also understand myself. Thats not something you’re getting from most artist.

Q) How do you feel about the current state of music? Do you feel it drastically changed?

A) I dont listen to FM Radio. Personally I cant listen to 99% of whats going on in the mainstream. Overall I think music will be okay. At the end of the day reality is what we focus on so I try and really support the artist that make it out the noise of todays saturated market.

Q) What are some of the misconceptions the public has over artists?

A) Just the whole rapper Facade is lame. The notion that I as a rapper have to appeal to the materialistic standards of what society calls rich or wealthy is getting old. We gotta find wealth in other things.

Q) Advice to aspiring musicians and advice to the youth who are often misguided in this world?

A) Follow whats most exciting in every moment. Observe yourself and learn why you do, say and think the way you do. Be shamelessly you.


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