#TheBlindBox: An IAMNY Production



Mediators: GM and CatF1sh

Twitter: @_IAMNY_



Website: Blind Box Podcast


What started on XBOX Live and is now in its second season, with more than 100 episodes cached on iTunes, The Blind Box podcast is everything you didn’t think you wanted to spend time listening to. Superb content and engaging guests aside, what will draw you in and keep you coming back is the dynamic between the founders and casters, GM and Catf1sh. These two skirt the idiom that opposites attract because they are different enough to not #MrMeToo each other, but alike in ways that makes their discussions organically hilarious.



While GM and Catf1sh bring a style and comedic grace to almost every topic that tumbles down their Twitter timelines,  they are also very aware of their audience and the need for nuance when discussing social issues and triggering current events. They hold a balance between mediating an engaging, organic conversation without simply regurgitating the talking points of louder mouthpieces. The natural flow of their conversations magnetically draw in their guests, who feed off of the established vibe and fall in line with the jokes and (somewhat questionable) life stories. What the listener is treated to is a conversation between friends and in doing so, they create a bond both between the listener and themselves as well as ensuring their guests grow their fanbase.


Catf1sh’s unapologetic crassness meshes with GM’s more tempered style and what you get are #RealLifeConvos about dressing up as the Bunny Rabbit, helping a friend with her prostitute business plan, week long birthdays and hilarious holiday skits. Episodes would not be complete without asking #WhatWouldJadaDo. You might even hear them doing a commercial or two for StrangeCatToys.com. 



G and F1sh don’t just live inside The Box. If you see GM on the streets of Austin, stop and say hey….you might find yourself as a featured guest on an episode. Take some time to listen to one or two of the 100+ episodes on iTunes and interact with The Blind Box on Twitter.



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