Paul’Michael – Q&A Interview


We got a chance to sit down and chop it up with Paul’Michael in his hometown of Indianapolis after opening for Ginuwine in our latest Q&A. He was able to shed some light on what has transpired since the last time we spoke to him.

Q) Where are you currently at in your life and in your musical career?

A) I’m finally where I’ve always wanted to be but this is only the beginning. People are starting to notice the talent and ambition. I’m looking forward to the future when I can turn my musical influence into a positive change in this world.

Q) What inspired you to pursue a career in music?

A) Well music saved my life when I was growing up. There were times when I felt that Music was my only friend and in times it taught me life lessons as well. Music helped raise me, it’s where I learned what love is and how to be a man. I listened to a lot of R&B but in High School I started listening to all music because it all has its own art form.

Q) What is the ultimate goal for you as an artist with your music career?

A) Of course winning Grammys and selling out MSG and being financially stable enough to carry my whole family are some goals. The ultimate goal is to make change in this world. I’m not sure what quite yet but I know I have a calling for this. It’s something I dream about often and I wish more people with voices would accomplish as well. This is a crazy world and it’s time for us to do what we were sent to do. I believe we all have a job here to make this world better but some people get too caught up in the material that they lose focus.

Q) How are you unique from other artists? What makes you different from other upcoming Indianapolis artists?

A) I would never want to take from any artist’s own craft. I never compare myself, I just love to make great music. My sound is full from the production, to the harmonies, to the vocal range. I feel that I can always get better and I definitely will. The next album will be better than the last is the mind state. The next performance will be more phenomenal so that the people want to come back again.

Q) How do you feel about the current state of music? Do you feel it drastically changed?

A) I think that music evolves in its own way. People hear something and visualize something and make it happen. Sometimes I feel like some artist don’t care about longevity in their career and are just focused on the now. What music is hot right now so I can make money is the thought process. But that is their path so I’m not mad at it.

Q) What are some of the misconceptions the public has over artists?

A) I think the misconception is that people think it’s easy and it’s just a hobby. If they saw the process, I don’t think most people could do what we do. It takes a certain mindset and drive to continue when the world is against you. They don’t know that we have millions of reasons to give up but something inside keeps us going. That’s not a hobby, that’s passion.

Q) Advice to aspiring musicians and advice to the youth who are often misguided in this world?

A) I’m gonna sound like everyone else when I say this but, keep going. Don’t let ANYONE tell you you can’t do what you believe. People know that they can’t do it so they would hate to see that you can. I have a secret for you though, those people message you later on in life when you’re making it apologizing. Just remember that if it were easy then it wouldn’t be success.

Q) What do you think needs to take place for the music industry to recognize Indianapolis as a city with so much talent?

A) You know, there’s a formula to this industry just like any other industry. Indiana has had talent for decades starting with Michael Jackson, Babyface, Axle Rose, etc. It’s not that they aren’t recognized it’s just that they went out to showcase their talents to the world. You have to know your business, your market, and know how far you can go in your current state. Indiana has a lot of talent and I plan to bring awareness to this but that talent is gonna have to work. The issues is that people want to be “safe”, but this is not a safe business. It’s a gamble on yourself and how much you believe in you.


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