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Angela Cherai of

Q) Where are you currently at in your life and in your blogging career?
A) I am at a crossroads in my life as well as my blogging career. I have been blogging professionally since 2010 and I am trying to figure out where I want to take my website. Under the name The Angielala Experience, I spoke about love, sex and relationship related topics with my readers and viewers but when I relaunched my website under the new name Amore Luxe last year, I decided to change the direction of the site by focusing on confidence related topics. I feel like confidence is the foundation on which everything is based upon and I feel that the future of the site will create different platforms that help women become the best versions of themselves in all aspects of life.

Q) What inspired you to pursue a career in blogging?

A) I used to have a personal blog, radio show and Ustream and a few people suggested that I create a site where everything can be accessed in one place. I eventually decided to incorporate YouTube discussion videos as well as celebrity interviews. I like to think of myself as more of a vlogger/motivational speaker than a blogger but blogging is part of what I do as well.

Q) What is the ultimate goal for you as a blogger?

A) My ultimate goal is to become the “Internet Oprah”. I would love to brand myself online like she has done on television and in print. I want to create multiple online platforms outside of Amore Luxe to reach millions of women and young girls around the world. I want confidence to be the foundation but I also plan on incorporating fashion and beauty elements on the site but keeping in mind that confidence is the most important part.

Q) How are you unique from other bloggers? What makes you different from other upcoming bloggers?

A) I feel that I am different from other bloggers because many of the top bloggers focus solely on entertainment and/or fashion and depend on celebrity interest in order to appeal to viewers. I want to empower women and make them feel as special as Beyoncé or any other celebrity that they look up to. Confidence is golden and everyone can shine as long as they truly believe that they are worthy of it.

Q) What are some of the misconceptions the public has over bloggers?

A) I think that many people feel like blogging isn’t a serious job because a blog may not be as structured as a newspaper or magazine and you are able to create your own unique voice so it may not take on a professional tone like that of traditional publications. The internet is a great medium to express your views and blogging is instant gratification. There is no need to wait days, weeks or months for content to be published and people can voice their opinions immediately on a blog site or through social media. I feel that blogs will ultimately replace traditional media mediums and the people who are hesitant to join in will be left behind.
Q) Are there any plans that you can share with us about with your site?
A) I have taken a hiatus from the site for the most part until 2016. I am currently working on a few self-esteem/empowerment events that will be filmed/recorded for the site and I will announce details at a later date,

Q) If you did not create your own media outlet to share your voice with the world, do you think you would have found another means to do so?

A) If I didn’t create Amore Luxe, I would probably be working for someone in a related field. I believe I eventually would have found my own voice but I think I would have fallen into the typical entertainment blogger category and not something that myself and others can identify with.

Q) Do you have any advice to aspiring bloggers and advice to the youth who are often misguided in this world?

A) I just want to tell aspiring bloggers, the youth and anyone who is trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives to believe in their goals and aspirations and to stay true to their vision. It has been an interesting 5 years with many ups and downs but I wouldn’t trade the experiences I’ve had for anything because they made me stronger, determined and most importantly, confident. I know that as long as I speak my truth and allow others to speak theirs, we can change the world one conversation and one post at a time.


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