Pennjamin Bannekar – Paper Plane Pilots [Review]

Paper-Plane-Pilots-Cover-Concept-5.5 FINAL

Pennjamin Banneker(@PennBannekar) makes a great contribution to Hip Hop releasing his new album Paper Plane Pilots featuring Taylor Mallory, Lokachiran, Dhniera Blu, Felly the Voice, Jessica Louise and Runway Bella. This is an incredible body of work from start to finish, truly an album that should be pushed in our upcoming year. I appreciate the melodic production and the smooth lyrics. The album opens with “Word” where the emcee recites “You can’t stop the shine Im a beam over here” the line is so clever in a day where many people wish for the downfall of others. Penn definitely opened his album declaring that he will follow his dreams regardless of any circumstance. The album then moves to the song “Remote Control” and, I thought it was cool to hear the static of the television in the intro before Penn goes into a fast flow. The hook on this record is extremely catchy. Its one of those songs that will have listeners replaying before moving on to the rest of the album.

The next song “Penn & Paper” is another goodie a collaboration that has the ability to be on radio. Up next “Kill Button” pure excellence, the first couple of seconds reminded me of the 90’s golden era of Hip Hop. I do wish the female call and response was used throughout the song. Moving forward to “Bodies” Penn raps on a dark hip hop production with soulful vocals from Dhniera Blu. The very moment “Likes” began to play I knew it was going to be one of my favorites, this sort of production is when one can see if an emcee can actually rap; and Penn destroys the beat with ease. “Thief” is an addictive record as well the hook is so smooth and Felly’s vocals were perfect.

Like We’re Broken Up” is where I hear Penn’s Atlanta influences, this song gives you the spring time in Georgia feeling; a perfect song to drive to while your heading to College Park. The album ends with the songs “Here’s What I Think About U”, “Light it Up”, “Congratulations” and “Pennji”. Paper Plane Pilots receives 5 stars the highest rating because its original, Penn could of taken the overly used route and used random base heavy beats and club sounds. Instead he created a Hip Hop product that people can still dance to but he’s actually showing that his pen can create some of the best lyrics of 2015.

-Gerard Little


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