Bryan Khedive – Don’t Mind Me [Review]

bryan khedive

What do music fanatics get when they hear 1990s quality of artistry, 2000s R&B signature, with modern urban commercial appeal? Bryan Khedive is the freshman of elite musicians on his way to stardom. Proof is in his EP titled Don’t Mind Me– a catalogue of music that enact upon a collection of thoughts:love, regret, heartbreak, to the longing for passionate sex with the woman he wants to share the rest of his life with. These outlooks are often private but made public on record. These judgements often cloud Khedive; he is unable to reach a moment of clarity. Throughout this particular discography, he chronicles finding solace hoping to get to happy.

The album begins with “Half of Me”, a neo-soul radio friendly mid tempo that introduces him as a reserved educated brother and musician with knowledge and resilience.  He tells the masses he only shows one side of him on social media straying away from the f**kery that comes with it: fakeness, hypocrisy, illusions, to a false sense of responsibility. Same time, Khedive challenges society to become more of leaders and trendsetters versus becoming followers and chasing trends. Don’t mind this crooner for being discreet.
It is stated that a person becomes those exact thoughts that come to his or her mind. With “Run”, Khedive forewarns his love to leave him behind this cold and heartless world because he has not been truthful to her. The crooner living in a realm of lies causes him to be heartbroken drowning in his own depression. “Sober” is the continuation as it picks up where “Run” left off in storyline. Here, Khedive tries to get over his love loss but becomes fixated on her as irrational thoughts creep into his mind unable to contain self-control. Being fixated leads him to despise the woman what seems to be gone forever. “Sober” is stunning in sound his voice seduces the tune giving the song a hallucinating, dreamy, and eerie feeling of being haunted.

The album ends with “Best Love”, an a la ‘on bended knee’ record that showcase Khedive’s readiness to do what it takes to win her love again going above and beyond in providing her needs sexually, being a accountable provider and husband, to being a protector of their love.
Does the musician achieve his goal of happiness? The EP left listeners with a cliffhanger. It is believe the next album will provide those details. Therefore, Don’t Mind Me is bold for a debut and a first for Bryan Khedive. It has, ‘take me as I am’ DNA on record. Don’t mind him speaking his art in truthful ways reflecting life. Artists like him are much needed.

-Hector De La Rosa


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