dFresh – Universal Laws [Review]

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Ears bleed to the philosophical album’s lyrical spoken truth of a concept too familiar but fresh to the genre at a time when hip-hop music is centered mostly on dark themes with dense messages of misogyny, drug usage, to excessive gang banging.  Universal Laws is regarded as Higher Truth measured on heightened awareness as hip-hop artist dFresh cleverly weaves old school boom bap production with creative songs titles to aid the masses tountapped their power or source of ‘BEING.’

The thought-provoking brilliance of emcee dFresh delivers with providing in-depth context of Universal Laws being a governing force that determines every aspect of creation including each event, condition, and circumstance experienced.  Yet, one must align and harmonize with these unwavering principles to attract and acquire happiness and abundance to obtain a quality life.  This notion is lyrically verbalized in the singles “Vibrate” and “The Strangest Secret”- singles that complement one another.  “Vibrate” proposes individuals attract the very thing desired or put into existence and the universe will give what is put out.  dFresh lyrically affirms in the secret song ‘The greatest one among men…preach every word I speak.’  He proclaims (vibrates) to be that secret that dwells in the darkest vaults of hip-hop- the Ghost Dog of the genre knows he has a purpose in music and is on his way to untainted artistic progression.

However, the album’s theme interestingly takes a turn from middle to end as it unravels to uncertainty and chaos. dFresh expresses to perfection in the most concrete and abstract manner how the universal laws do not produce the desired results if individuals are being taught throughout life that these same laws of nature seem to be irrational and illogical, which limits chances of ‘BEING’ and self-sabotages a person’s full potential.  The lyric to “Retro” sums up this notion: “I don’t compete. No, I just create.”  dFresh cleverly treats this lyric as oxymoron because his views of competing and creating conflict and sabotages his artistry because in order to be the best emcee he has to create art to compete against others to dominate who is the best lyrically and as an artist.  Yet, he has to compete (remain the best) to create and cement a legacy in the fierce hip-hop world. Cunning!

The single “Start Even (Make A Living)” further illustrates the idea of self-sabotage and how one self-destructs by not becoming one with the universe.  Here, dFresh seeks enlightment and righteousness but short hands himself as he overlooks the power of “Being” and exclusively depends on “Doing.”  This “Doing” shapes the emcee’s physical world as it is perceived as chaotic with increased anxiety and fear.  dFresh feels restricted because he is swimming against rather than with the ‘flow’ of life.

However, the album returns with rightful spectrum towards the end with “History”.  dFresh becomes a man of mission as he becomes aligned with the universe now knowing his purpose in life is to create change and make history by establishing forward movement.

The murky production similar to Noah ‘40’ Shebib and The RZA with dFresh’s delivery similar to A$AP Rocky with raps of brainpower give Universal Laws mass appeal where everything imbalanced becomes balanced and where the masses learn their greatest discovery is knowing GOD and become one in accordance with the Creator.  The album and vociferousness dictation will indulge many to manifest destiny of a life full of potential and of greatness.

-Hector De La Rosa


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