K. Hill X Debonair P – Truck Jewels & Filters [Review]


The hip-hop community should give big up thanks to the latest in collaborations ranging from Royce Da 5’9 and DJ Premier to GhostfaceKillah and Bad Bad Not Good, who are few that paved the way for underground artists such as emcee K Hill and Australian producer Debonair P. to form a union.  This hip-hop marriage birthed a works of art creatively entitled Truck, Jewels, & Filter– an album that Trucks a livewire of authentic Jewels of hip-hop while Filters out the bulls**t raps.

Whenever I Write” showcases the duo at their best. K. Hill, the Big L in flow and delivery, verbally assaults the pad with his vicious rhymes as he uses the blood of wack emcees to manuscript his thoughts.  Havoc and pain is felt each time K.Hill verbalizes his poetics to an impressive and masterful production of Debonair P. not to mention the remixes proving the producer’s wicked genius.  The jazzy ‘perpendicular of a “Clout War”’is lyrical butchery to any mainstream artist claiming their Clear Channel stance as real hip-hop.  What once served perpendicular in hip-hop (the formation and shape of authenticity, skill, and the preservation of the five elements of hip-hop) is deteriorating to what Nas viewed in song as ‘parallel to hell.’

While the music industry can be very unappreciative of good music and the artists that create it, the duo expresses their sincere gratitude to loyal supporters and even the naysayers in the profound “Root For Me”.  The album comes off strong with the album and song title “Trucks, Jewels, & Filters”, K. Hill proclaims his crown by addressing to never compare his rhymes as mediocre.  Rather view them as bars of gold.

The powerhouse K. Hill and Debonair P. rhyme to reason.  Truck, Jewels, & Filter makes everything impure with hip-hop music become of purity.  The scratching technique at the end of songs are creatively dynamic it leads to listeners in assuming DJ Premier is the author behind it all.  That’s how dope Debonair P is as a producer.  As for K. Hill, we will treat him as already one of the pioneers with a cemented legacy reigning hip-hop sovereignty.

Hector De La Rosa



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