Chase Aaron – XXI [Review]


Rating – 5
Favorites – Radio, Dream Girl, Worth, Touchdown

XXI the new album from singer, songwriter, producer Chase Aaron(@chaseaaron_) receives 5 stars the highest rating for being a refreshing masterpiece; the album has an identity of its own.  Nothing else in the present day sounds similar it shows creativity at its best.  Prior to the release of the album Chase Aaron release a music video for the single “Radio” with a concept very well thought out it will make one excited to listen to the album.  The album shows right away his ability to create amazing beats the album opener could clearly become a banger if it was extended. With stand out tracks such as “Dream Girl” and “Worry” which could both become singles just because of lyrics alone makes the album solid, one could play the LP from beginning to end without skipping a track.

“I trust my heart and my soul, turn off my brain and let go” Chase Aaron sings on worth another stand out track where the singer displays his amazing skill as a writer.  I definitely recommend that fans of real music listen to XXI.  Chase Aaron proves that he’s up next without a doubt and with this album on his resume he is off to a phenomenal 2015.


-Gerard Little


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