Chesley Krischelle – 773 Love [Review]


Rating – 5 Stars
Favorites – Private Dancer, Love Letter, Hands Up

773 Love, the new EP from Chesley Krischelle(@justchesley) is a masterpiece.  I know a star when I hear one and Chesley Krischelle is definitely a star.  The EP receives 5 stars the highest rating for being simply flawless, one can play the project from the beginning to the end without having the urge to skip a track. 773 Love sounds like a album that can be packaged and sent to retailers.  The songwriting on the project is amazing, the way Chesley Krischelle structures each record differently keeps the EP alive.  Every record has an identity of its own.

Its interesting to see how the Chicago singer sings raunchy on “Private Dancer” then opens her heart and becomes personal on “Love Letter”. The EP is the definition of next level R&B, especially with a record like “Ring The Alarm” where she declares that she’s In Love on production that can get the party started.  The EP is also fantastic because it isn’t feature heavy which allows the listeners to understand who Chesley Krischelle is as an artist.  I downloaded the EP and I strongly suggest you do also, discovering great music is awesome and when you press play on 773 Love you will enter a world of fresh new R&B.

-Gerard Little


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