Bop Alloy – Another Day in the Life… [Review]


Hip-hop fanatics get the best of both worlds when two of hip-hop phenomenons collide: hip-hop meets jazz, poetry meets rhythm, authenticity meets quality, and soul meets boom bap, emcee of emcees meet the most prodigal producers, and where hip-hop artist Substantial meets sound man Marcus D.  The pairing of these two forming the collective group Bop Alloy(@BopAlloy) creates a new danger with their colossal adult contemporary composition Another Day In The Life Of…

Marcus D., menacing for his smoothed out production consisting of double layered live instrumentation with the utmost majestic soulful and jazz cadences (“Another Night At Club Family” and “Saxophone Jones”) complements Substantial’s venomous lyrical potent (“Not 4 Show”) at best, marking them as a collaborative threat.  Yet, coalescing sophistication, intellect, black love, and Afrocentricity into Alloy’s music (“Count On Us”) makes their intimidating presence in hip-hop effectual for shook hip-hop artists with anemic flows to consider early retirement.  “Step Into My Cipher” puts the lames in their place as Boy Alloy delivers this ode to hip-hop in their b-boy stance.

Modified with 5 star hip-hop mantras and deific stepper cuts made to groove to a midnight blue summer’s night, Another Day In The Life Of is street calculus to the hip-hop heads and a heatwave to an Afrocentric woman’s inner thighs.  Emcee Substantial pulls a LL Cool James in hip-hop ballad and bites into her peach to taste her brown sugar in “New Dawn”.  He gets his grown man on with “The Proposal”, getting on bended knee to ask for his significant other’s hand.

The fascination with this album is its theme of manhood where it is sporadic in any hip-hop project and for Bop Alloy to heroically explore such notion of growing pains in songs like “Espelho” and “Writing My Wrongs”.  It’s most enflaming and enticing track of the album is “Stretches of Pain”, where the emcee lyrically itemizes his perspectives as a young African American male in America.  The arresting lyric, “Authority figures cringe at my black skin while calling us n***as” is the severest crime for ears to lever.
Another Day In The Life Of has no standout tracks when almost every single serve vigorous in sound.  It is a feel good summer throwback hip-hop album to be added to the playlist- one to beat box and break dance at parties, summer jams, and in the parks. Bop Alloy reign hip-hop supremacy.

-Hector De La Rosa


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