Pharoah Takori – A Peer Amid


Rating – 5
Favorites – Better View, Appraisal, 2:23AM

I listened to A Peer Amid in full and this project is incredible all around.  Pharaoh Takari(@PharaohTakari) is only 17 years old and could stand next to the bar heavy mainstream artist today.  The creativity on the LP is very outstanding.  No features on the project at all proving that he could stand alone in 13 tracks, which he produced.  He’s definitely independent and clearly next up when it comes to up and coming artist in North Carolina.  This album could be played from beginning to end without skipping a track.

Lets get into some stand out tracks “Better View” opens the album and instantly you hear that Pharaoh is skilled at his craft changing his flow multiple times. He’s a true lyricist and complex.  The album isn’t similar to anything being played which would bring a listener in. “I found and happened to start writing appraisal was hard to get but then I fit right in” the North Carolina emcee spits a catchy line on “Appraisal” the beat is sick also.  If I had the opportunity to select the next single from the album it’ll be “2:23AM” its different the beat is raw and the storytelling in rap form is perfect Pharaoh Takari can flow. This LP is worth the lesson receiving five stars I high recommend fans of real Hip Hop to immediately download.


-Gerard Little


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