Midnite Regulaz – Dark Light [Review]


Consider the current state of hip-hop as passé and lackluster where rap falls flat to recruiting eschewing tactics to acquire million dollar dreams.   Yet, the surfeit of mechanical and robotic voice techniques and lyrics that drown like fickle feces in toilet water is enough reasoning to state such claim.  While it seems like emcees are sending hip-hop in flowers and coffin to a premature death, there are few like Los Angeles based group Midnite Regulaz that derail funeral services to a cancel to descant the genre’s magnate place in music with their latest opus Dark Light.

Commendable for their dauntlessness, the group fashions adult contemporary hip-hop that does not stray far from the formulaic in structure of today’s sound like the singles “Distant Memories” and “One Night Only”.   However, Dark Light offers a slight of newness.   The freshness stems from the group members and their diverse backgrounds that range from Detroit, Los Angeles, African, and Caribbean descent to fuse hip-hop with nostalgic account that reminds the listener of 1990s West Coast and Midwest acts like The Luniz and Bone Thugs N Harmony respectively in guerilla spirit.   Midnite Regulaz incorporates two hip-hop eras keeping the element of storytelling spiked with 808s meanest beats and floating synth backdrops.   Group member Kyroo’s prior success adds a mystique to Regulaz.  His notoriety as Jason Brown the adult film star, the kid whose smooth baritone flow is like melting butter on buttermilk pancakes, is Midnite Regulaz bittersweet attribute.   Kyroo’s ‘cocky as f#@k’ rhymes dethrone porn star Brian Pumper’s asthenic raps to a decrepit.

The exaltation of violence, haphazardous cursing, and bashing of women is of absence in Dark Light.  Tracks like the Caribbean flavored “Dream Girl” uphold women to royalty’s pedestal. The finessing of records such as “Rising Curtains” and “Ghost & Spirits” are detailed with inner city struggles dubbed street conscious tales.  Typical street anthems illustrate violent tendencies towards their nemesis resulting in homicide, but for Regulaz their approach to such notion is light, where vengeance is not for hire and karma becomes the group’s best friend.

Singles like “Club Junkies”, “Rise and Fall”, and “Different Skies” persuade one to live it up for sky’s the limit while becoming an addict to the nightlife.  The smell of herbs thickens in “No Swishers” as the lead single which makes the listener be enamored with the emphatic production and rolling exotic drum patterns that are fit for R&B than hip-hop.  “Let Me In” and the Bo-1 da produced “Kid Ro_Be Your Guide” wrap the album with real hip-hop recollection.

Dark Light is a feel good album that is like a crisp and cool Malibu breeze by the beach- the perfect hip-hop summer album extracting the metrics of gimmickry contained in most of hip-hop.   It is noted Midnite Regulaz is in it for the artform than pimping the genre for currencies making the group the most respected.

-Hector De La Rosa


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